Career Prep Starts At Any Age When You Work With Work It!

| Karla Santos | The New Britian Herald | 860-801-5079 | July 24, 2018 |

FARMINGTON – Career planning can be a headache for many people and that’s why Work it! has programs for individuals at any stage in their careers, including children that are 10 and older.

Work it! was established in 2015 by Lori Theriault who is a full-service career coach that offers professional planning and support.

Business and school partnerships are now being offered at Work it!. The collaborative work includes business and leadership development programs for small business owners. Work it! offers private and small group classes.

Large group classes at schools and nonprofits are also provided. However, the business’ growth to date has been through private classes. Parents send 10- to 18-year-olds to Theriault for a two-hour session that is meant to help uncover the child’s natural born strengths.

Sessions also include the development of a seven-step career plan that is suited to an individual’s passions and ties into their strengths.

Work it! is a private business, but it is supported by the New Britain school system. Theriault piloted her first class at New Britain High School three years ago.

Theriault, who worked in manufacturing management for thirty years, has a goal of helping identify and create resumes of passion, not just experience.

“It’s pretty huge for a 12-year-old to actually tell their parents what their legacy feels like at age 12,” Theriault said. “And three years later following back up with the original students it’s pretty powerful to see their journeys are well underway and aligned to what they originally thought.”

Theriault’s dream is for career coaching to be as normal as having a sports coach

“If a child’s career path is identified young, the chances of having improved communication with your child during junior high in high school will be accomplished,” Theriault said.

The program is not only for college-bound children. Work it! is a resource that helps align students with mentors and internships. It also helps the academy of manufacturing of New Britain High School, because students have a requirement of 12 hours of paid internships for all of the academy students.

Work it! serves as a career coach for life for children and as a remedy for adults.

Theriault wants Work it! to be as recognizable as a Driver’s Ed permit, and its logo to be as known as the M of McDonald’s.

“Find your purpose before you get behind the wheel, because otherwise you are driving around aimlessly,” Theriault said.

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