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Under the guidance of Lori Theriault, a seasoned career development expert, WORK IT! Careers is committed to assisting individuals in discovering job opportunities that align with their skills and ambitions. Whether you’re a:

  • Student exploring career paths
  • Adult seeking a career change
  • Retiree searching for purposeful work

our tailored programs are crafted to support you in achieving both personal and professional fulfillment.

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Group-Focused Career
Development Services

At WORK IT! Careers, we aim to help you find a career that brings satisfaction and success. Lori Theriault’s deep understanding of career development and our personalized coaching services ensure that you’re in good hands. Whether you’re starting your career journey, looking to change paths, or seeking fulfilling work in retirement, we’re here to help. 

Career Planning Sessions

For students and adults
seeking clarity and direction.

Confidence Building

Empower yourself for success
in interviews and beyond.

Vision Board Sessions

Visualize and manifest
your career aspirations.

Resume & Cover Letter Services

Craft your professional
narrative to stand out.

Follow Up
Career Planning Session


Creative Teenager 4x5

Students and Young Adults

If you're uncertain about your career path, WORK IT! Careers provides expert guidance to steer your decisions.

With Lori Theriault's specialized knowledge, you can delve into diverse career opportunities that match your interests and skills.

Our personalized assessments and coaching will illuminate your strengths and how they can be leveraged for a rewarding career.

Woman on a Mission 4x5

on a Mission

For women seeking career changes or re-entering the workforce, WORK IT! Careers offers a nurturing space to explore fresh possibilities.

Our tailored programs and individual coaching empower you to confidently transition to a career that aligns with your evolving lifestyle. Whether aiming for a major shift or a more suitable role, we guide you through the journey to fulfilling your career aspirations.

Retired couple Work It

Retirees Seeking Fulfillment

Retirement opens doors to work aligned with your passions.

WORK IT! Careers assists retirees in finding fulfilling employment that leverages your extensive experience.

Our coaching zeroes in on roles that provide flexibility and meaningful engagement. Under Lori Theriault’s direction, explore how you can remain active and satisfied in your later years

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